What is this service?

Please don’t make your order before receipt of your submission received.

The Reholder service is for lightly damaged / old PSA cases. Any PSA cases with cracks over the card can not be reholdered using this service.

PSA, at their own discretion, may decide that the damage to the case has affected the integrity of their previous grade for the card. Therefore, they may decide to re-grade the card. Any applicable costs will be charged to the submitter.

Value Charges may apply to this item. To see more about this, please see here.

How to use this service?

Package your cards up safely, include a packing slip with your details so we can contact you, and send them to us at:

Alessio Paolicchi
Via Vittor Pisani 19
Viareggio (LU)

We will confirm we have received your submission.

Expected Turnaround Times

PSA Service Level: 45 working days from input at PSA.

Actual Expected Turnaround Times: 45 working days from input at PSA.
These are not guaranteed turnaround times due to pandemic related delays at PSA.

We aim to get all submissions out to PSA within 5-10 working days of the GradedGem UK cutoff.

Current Deadline

Cutoff Date - 25th September


Is the price per card?

The price is per card submitted. Please use the quantity box below to add the correct amount of cards to your order.


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